Centergy Group provides the creation, improvement, and integration of a Project, Program, and/or Portfolio Management Methodology for organizations supporting the successful delivery of complex and critical business operations, across many industries. The application of true process-driven management principles infused with project, program, and portfolio management and leadership guiding principles creates an effective environment that engages and encourages active, collaborative, and detailed focus empowering the team to exceed expectations and achieve the desired outcome.

Centergy Group is applied internally to your organization’s project, program, and portfolio management efforts, maintaining focus on your overall goal and organizational strategic mission. Centergy Group’s methodologies optimize each phase of your project life cycle while sharing and applying many years of professional “lessons learned” as an attempt to avoid common mistakes that can negatively impact the scope of your project.

Ways to Apply Centergy Group

  • Owner’s Perspective Master Planning
  • Project, Program, and/or Portfolio Organizational Process Integration
  • Reality-Based Schedule Development & Strategic Planning
  • Budget Development & Resource Forecasting
  • Project Communication Planning
  • Project Promotional Planning

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