About Centergy Group

Centergy Group was incorporated in January 2000, founded on the culmination of an 11-year development of the “Centergy Group” Concept, which merges principles of Economic, Financial, Leadership and Project Management Methodologies with a whole lot of lessons learned – combined with the dedication to governing guiding principles.

Through the combining of experiences across diverse industries and applying these principles in non-traditional scenarios, Centergy Group has proven the effectiveness of a dedicated, cross-industry application of guiding principles.

Building upon the facilitation of communications, motivation, and negotiations combined with the structured application of the Centergy Group Process throughout organizations, Centergy Group offers the opportunity to optimize the delivery of projects, products, and services while accentuating the organizational strategic vision. Centergy Group is the foundational vision that is simply “Putting It All Together.” To understand the Concept, first, we must review the makeup of its parts.

It combines SYNERGY:

• The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects;

• The Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect.

It combines CENTER:

• A point around which something rotates or revolves;

• A person or thing that is the chief object of attention, interest, activity, or emotion;

• To have a central theme or concern; be focused.

It combines FOCUS:

• The state of maximum distinctness or clarity;

• A condition in which something can be clearly apprehended or perceived;

• To direct toward a particular point or purpose.


• The effective exchange of thoughts, messages, or information;

• The art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.

Now, we apply Centergy Group to you and your organization – whether it is the delivery of major projects with great risks and rewards that must succeed, the evolution of your Organizational Structure that requires inter-dependency and efficiency to prevail, the application of the structured approach of business development, or Executive Leadership Development – to implement order and control mixed with inspiration and vision in support of the strategic vision.

Centergy Group delivers throughout.

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